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Born in Madrid, Spain

Graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as Bachelor Aeronautical Engineering.

Certified as Professional Photographer from the Centro de Enseñanzas de la Imagen in Madrid, Spain.


Photography has always been part of my life. I started in Spain as a photo journalist for a local newspaper for several years, but when really  I got very active was when I moved to the United States. 


I begun as a photographer for a modeling agency,. Also correspondant in the US for a Spanish aviation magazine, and worked for La Fuente, a Dallas Morning News bilingual magazine,

I started venturing in the automobile industry in 1999 writing car reviews and, of course, photographing them. In 2002 I created MundoMotor, an automomile magazine published in Dallas and Miami.

With no doubt, the most influential job I had was, for 15 straight years, with American Airlines Publishing, as a writer, editor, and photographer of Nexos the Spanish in-flight magazine of the airline. This gave me access to the world. Opened the doors to places and people as I never could imagine.

I also do portraits, but those are under other web site named:

I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Luis Guillermo

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